World Hunger Crisis landing page & videos

In the spring of 2022, the Humanitarian Coalition (which Plan International Canada is a part of) issued a World Hunger Crisis in 10+ countries around the world. During this time, Plan International Canada's website was scheduled to go down as we transitioned to our new backend system. That meant the donation campaign had to be run on social media instead of through traditional digital ads or direct mail, with donation links pointing towards the Humanitarian Coalition's donation page or backup donation pages on our community fundraising portal. After this fundraising push, stakeholders wanted a place to house the content we created for social so the it was easily accessible and shareable.

We had signed on with a trial period for Ceros to gauge whether this platform worked for our business needs and whether we should proceed with an actual platform subscription, and this project was earmarked to be the test. That meant this landing page had a relatively short turnaround, as it had to be written, designed & built within the trial period. It was also a new tool, so there was a learning curve, particularly for me, in building the page using the new platform. I worked with a writer to create a narrative structure which included the ripple effects of the Hunger Crisis and a myriad of causes, but that was far too detailed than the requesting team wanted once they saw it all laid out. After doing more research (as mentioned above), we went back to the drawing board and decided that the map should be the focus since the stories resonated with our social audience so much. Once the wireframes were approved, I modified the graphics and videos I had created for social and started building the elements in Ceros.